Our International Staffing Agency: Bridging Cultural Gaps Across Canada

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Creating connections between Canadian culture and that of global workers is more than just having deep affection for both. This task requires passion, a quality that drives every member of our team. They possess not only a profound love for these cultures but also extensive knowledge in immigration processes and the proficiency to create perfect matches between employers and employees. Our role as a global job agency deepens our understanding of the challenges associated with adapting to a new culture, fueling our commitment to support the candidates and companies that rely on us.

By offering specialized training programs for both employees and employers, we facilitate a deeper mutual understanding of each other’s cultural nuances, which is vital for a smooth and harmonious working relationship. This approach solidifies our position as a leading international staffing agency, committed to fostering cultural integration and settlement.

Our global job agency’s training programs, tailored for both the workforce and the management, provide everyone with the opportunity to gain insights into each other’s cultural backgrounds. This knowledge is essential for building the foundations of a harmonious working relationship, demonstrating our dedication to not just filling positions, but creating culturally cohesive work environments.


Our team

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Moez Ghouila

General Manager / Associate

As the founder of Vitae, I manage the company’s operations and drive its growth while also focusing on enhancing the lives of workers and employers. Inspired by my own immigration journey, I am deeply committed to Vitae’s mission of bringing positive changes in the lives of both employees and employers.

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Catherine Pelchat

Operations Coordinator / Associate

I advise and supervise our team of coordinators to optimize our operations.I actively participate in Vitae’s administration while ensuring continuous improvement of our processes to align with the needs of our partners.

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Yasmine Aloui

Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager

My role involves highlighting Vitae’s accomplishments, services, and strategically positioning the company in the realm of digital marketing. I manage various digital communication channels, including social media platforms and our website.

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Mehereen Tharagaully

Recruitment/Immigration Assistant

I assist Mauritian candidates through the recruitment, immigration and integration process. I take part in the recruitment process while ensuring the compliance of applications, and carefully prepare their immigration files.

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Rabeb Fatnassi

Tunisia Coordinator

My role is to coordinate between our partners and our various outsourced teams in Tunis. I ensure the implementation of HR policies, payroll management, and the attendance of our team members. I contribute to harmonizing Tunisian and Canadian work practices.

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Arbi Abassi

Integration Coordinator

I am responsible for evaluating, assigning, and overseeing all integration projects undertaken by Vitae. I coordinate integration missions with both our permanent and mobile teams on the ground to provide comprehensive and efficient service.

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Ilef Loukil

Administrative Assistant

My role involves methodically guiding recruited workers and the employer in preparing their immigration file. I handle all administrative tasks: collecting documents, assembling/reviewing files, and following up with the parties involved.

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Ons Dami


I hire foreign workers by subjecting them to Vitae’s rigorous recruitment process, ensuring strict adherence to our partners’ selection and cultural integration criteria, in compliance with Canadian immigration regulations.

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Christine Charpentier

Immigration Lawyer

I represent our clients to government authorities in immigration matters. My role is to ensure the legal compliance of immigration files, and to offer expert advice to our clients on the most appropriate approach.

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Mariela Arango

Integration Agent

My role is to prepare foreign workers for integration and to support them through the process. I support both the employer and the worker in order to promote successful long-term integration for both parties.

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Chaima Zid

Recruitment Coordinator

I’m responsible for evaluating, allocating and monitoring all recruitment projects undertaken by Vitae. I ensure that our recruitment team achieves its objectives in order to exceed our partners’ expectations.

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Oumaima El Kordi

Immigration Coordinator

I am responsible for evaluating, assigning, and monitoring all immigration cases undertaken by Vitae. I guide our administrative team while ensuring adherence to high-quality standards in immigration matters.

Cultivating Mutually Beneficial Professional Relationships

Our agency’s mission, as an international staffing agency, is to maintain a high retention rate, which currently stands at 95%. This reflects our ability to establish mutually beneficial professional relationships and indicates employer satisfaction with our carefully selected candidates.

Our focus is on finding skilled, passionate individuals who are eager to contribute to a company’s success. This characterizes the ideal candidates sought by our agency, showcasing our dedication to promoting the growth of businesses in Canada through skilled labor and supporting the professional development of these workers.

A Forward-Thinking International Recruitment Agency

Our commitment to excellence in our services has always been a guiding principle, demonstrated by our expansion into English and French-speaking countries like Mauritius, Madagascar, and Morocco.

Initially a recruitment agency, the addition of a lawyer has enabled us to extend our services, offering customized immigration solutions. This development has enhanced our capability as an international staffing agency, proud to contribute to bringing skilled professionals to Canada.

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We changed their lives

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Vitae International Recruitment: Our Core Values

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As an agency with a dual focus on international staffing and global job placement, we bring deep expertise in legal case management and immigration law. Our comprehensive understanding of these areas ensures a seamless transition for both employers and employees.

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We maintain ongoing communication with employers throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that we fulfill their needs and assist in the smooth settlement of new employees. This open communication is key to building strong employer-employee relationships, a hallmark of our success as an international staffing agency.

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Despite the inevitable delays in selection, hiring, and settlement, our commitment to efficiency and the use of advanced tools ensures high-quality outcomes. This commitment to quality, evident in our methods, is also reflected in our selection of driven, highly qualified candidates. 

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Beyond connecting employers with employees, we as an international staffing agency, take an active role in monitoring the progress of our candidates, ensuring their satisfaction and growth in their new professional settings in Canada.

Turning opportunities into careers and dreams into reality: our expertise, passion, and commitment as an international staffing make a real difference in the professional landscape.

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