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Starting a new life in Canada can be challenging, and dealing with immigration can often be complicated. Our team is here to simplify this process for you. Vitae International Recruitment is your ally in this journey.

We focus on immigration consulting to help you apply for permanent residency. Our Canadian immigration consultants will guide you through the complex process of applying for permanent residency, as well as through other immigration steps.

Immigration Consulting for Foreign Workers and Companies in Canada

Navigating the Canadian immigration system can seem daunting. If you are a foreign worker looking to improve your status in Canada, we can help. Also, if you are a company wanting to help your foreign employees, Vitae Recruitment is here for you. As a Canadian immigration consultant, our role is to offer precise guidance and support within Canada’s immigration framework.

Our team is skilled in giving clear advice and help. We make sure you know your rights and the steps needed to settle well in Canada. Working with Vitae means you get professional support at every step of your immigration. We follow the high standards of Canadian immigration consultancy to guide you.

Career Opportunities for Foreign Workers in Canada

Discover the many job opportunities in Canada, thanks to our large network of partner companies. These companies are searching for international talents like you. They value the special skills and knowledge you can offer for their job openings.

The best part is that our application service is completely free for you. Let our immigration consultants be the key to unlocking the doors of your prospective career path in Canada.

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Temporary Residence

Effortlessly navigate the temporary residence application process with our comprehensive immigration consulting services.

If you need a work permit or study permit for Canada, Vitae Recruitment can help. We also assist with other temporary stays in Canada.

Our team of experienced immigration consultants helps you prepare your application and gather the needed documents. We guide you through the immigration process. With Vitae’s expertise, transform the often challenging task of immigration into a streamlined and well-managed experience.

Permanent Residence

Canada is calling, and we’re here to ease your transition. Turn your aspirations into reality with our support in applying for permanent residence.

With Vitae Recruitment, the process becomes more transparent and opportunities broaden. Every step is crucial, and our team is dedicated to maximizing your chances. Allow us to demonstrate how we can guide you on this journey. 

Our team of experts in immigration consulting is with you at each step. They make sure every part of your application is carefully prepared and ready for approval.


Your journey in Canada starts with a vital step: securing the appropriate visa. At Vitae Recruitment, our Canadian immigration consultants simplify this process for you. Whether you’re applying for a temporary visa, a visitor record, or a super visa for your family, our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team is here to steer you towards success. Recognizing that each individual’s story is unique, we are committed to providing a personalized pathway that aligns with your aspirations.


Canadian citizenship represents a significant achievement for many immigrants, signifying successful integration and dedication to the Canadian nation. Our approach to each application is marked by seriousness and professionalism, reflecting our expertise in immigration consultancy. Our team of immigration consultants provides thorough and methodical guidance through every stage of the process.
With our assistance, each phase of your citizenship application becomes more transparent and efficiently managed. For those aiming to obtain Canadian citizenship, our comprehensive and expert management ensures a smooth and structured progression towards achieving your goal.

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