Outsourcing: Your Gateway to an Expanded Workforce

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Looking to boost your business’s growth with skilled and flexible international labor? Vitae Recruitment is your go-to solution for outsourcing services. Our expertise extends beyond the borders of Canada, with a significant presence in Tunisia and Morocco. Allow us to lead you through the realm of outsourcing, enhancing your workforce and business capabilities.

Why Opt for Vitae Recruitment for Your Outsourcing Needs?

Expertise Focused on Respect and Quality

At Vitae Recruitment, the quality of our outsourcing service is a reflection of our solid professional expertise. We center our efforts on respecting our partnerships and addressing our clients’ needs. Here’s what we promise every partner company:

  • Adhere to the regulations of both partner companies.
  • Apply current accounting, tax, and legal standards for transparent and ethical collaboration.
  • Maintain complete privacy of the information and documents entrusted to us, ensuring the security of your data.
  • Complete assigned tasks and work swiftly to promptly meet your needs.
  • Provide a team of professional executives in the field, ensuring expertise tailored to each project.
  • Share our knowledge to better serve your company, thereby enhancing our collaboration and shared success.
  • We will listen to your complaints and suggestions and use them to improve our outsourcing service.
  • We design our outsourcing services to bring you peace of mind, efficiency, and success.
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3 Cubes aceb2f outsourcing

State-of-the-Art Offices and Technology

Our facilities in Tunisia meet European standards, ensuring smooth and efficient collaboration.

  • Ergonomic furniture and equipment;
  • Cutting-edge computers;
  • Dedicated fiber optic line for stable connection;
  • Secondary fiber optic connection for backup with another provider;
  • A Quebec phone number dedicated to your team (581 xxx xxxx);
  • Cloud-based collaboration tools.
  • Everything is in place to provide a seamless outsourcing service experience.


Your data security is our top priority:

  • Secure building access, monitored by surveillance cameras;
  • Office access via badge and fingerprint;
  • Secure server;
  • Firewall;
  • On-site IT support.


Tunisia and Morocco are popular for outsourcing due to their skilled workers and affordable solutions for businesses. When you choose to outsource with us, you gain access to advanced technology. You can use popular places in North Africa for outsourcing services in English and French-speaking languages.

Recruitment and Personnel Management

Having skilled and committed staff is crucial to ensure the success of your outsourcing operations in Tunisia and Morocco. That’s why we have established a rigorous recruitment process to provide you with a workforce that meets your expectations. But our role doesn’t stop there.

Once your teams are in place, we also ensure their efficient and transparent management:

  • Drafting Employment Contracts: We ensure that each contract adheres to local standards and matches your company’s specific expectations.
  • Monitoring Work Time: Our team oversees attendance, absences, leave, and tardiness, thus ensuring optimal productivity.
  • Payroll Management: Free yourself from administrative burdens. We handle payroll processing, including social security, taxes, and all salary-related taxes.
  • Preparing Transfer Orders: Ensure that each employee is paid promptly and accurately with our financial management services.


Choosing Vitae Recruitment means having a reliable partner who handles everything, so you can concentrate on your main tasks.

A Wide Range of Roles at Your Fingertips

We have a wide range of talented professionals who can help with customer relations, operations, design, drafting, and estimating. They are ready to meet all your global outsourcing requirements. Our professionals undergo training to understand the challenges and nuances of outsourcing services, in addition to acquiring specific skills. They focus on customer satisfaction and achieving your goals.

This blend of technical skills and outsourcing service expertise ensures the optimal execution of your projects. Our experts are ready to integrate smoothly into your team, ensuring a fluid and productive collaboration.

Teleoperator / Telemarketing
From 2900 $ / Month
Web Developer
From 3900 $ / Month
Computer Developer / Programmer
From $4500 / Month
Administrative Assistant
From $2500 / Month
Designer, Draughtsman (Solidworks, Catia, Pro Engineer, etc.)
From 3850 $ / Month
Offline programmer (Mastercam, Sigmanes, Solid Cam, etc.)
From 3500 $ / Month
Other positions available
On request

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