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At Vitae Recruitment, we recognize that the path to permanent residence in Canada is an exciting yet intricate endeavor. Our goal is to transform this journey into a seamless and comforting experience.

We are the builders of your immigration journey, guiding you step by step. From your first application to getting your permanent residence in Canada, we’re here to help. Our specialty is aiding skilled workers. We ensure they obtain their permanent residency in Canada and that every step of their journey is successful.

Full Support for Permanent Residence

Permanent residence in Canada opens a world of opportunities. Whether you’re an international student or a skilled worker, Vitae Recruitment is here to assist you in establishing yourself and building a new life. We provide complete support for your permanent residence application. We make sure every detail is carefully managed.

We help you achieve permanent residence in Canada by simplifying the process and clarifying the requirements. This way, you can confidently and peacefully realize your life project.

Permanent Residence Application through Express Entry

The Express Entry program in Canada streamlines the permanent residence application process for skilled workers. It’s a fast-track system that selects candidates based on their skills and ability to contribute to Canada’s economy. Vitae Recruitment specializes in assisting clients through this competitive process, ensuring a strong application for successful entry into Canada. Essentially, the Express Entry program encompasses three primary immigration streams for candidates seeking permanent residence, detailed below.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Program

The CEC is a direct path to permanent residence for international students and temporary workers in Canada. Vitae Recruitment guides you through the intricate process of the CEC, offering tailored assistance for your application. We ensure you meet all the requirements and that your application is complete, increasing your chances of a smooth transition to permanent residence.

Our team simplifies your CEC journey, helping to leverage your Canadian experience to maximize your chances of obtaining Canadian permanent residency and ensuring a serene long-term settlement in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Ideal for candidates with work experience in a skilled occupation from any country, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is designed for individuals who can demonstrate their qualifications while meeting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) selection criteria. Vitae Recruitment provides expert advice and assistance, ensuring your FSWP application highlights your skills and experience to meet these specific requirements, paving the way for your successful immigration to Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Tailored for candidates with at least 24 months of work experience in a specialized trade and possessing a valid job offer in Canada for a minimum of 12 months, the Federal Skilled Trades Program is an ideal pathway for skilled tradespeople. Compliance with IRCC’s selection criteria is crucial, and Vitae Recruitment’s expertise ensures your FSTP application is meticulously prepared. Our support enhances your application’s prospects for approval, facilitating your journey to permanent residence in Canada.

We highlight your skills and experience to improve your chances of approval. Our personalized support helps you understand the process clearly and manage your immigration project without stress.

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Permanent Residence in Quebec

Quebec has its own unique permanent residency programs, and at Vitae Recruitment, we’re well-versed in the nuances between the requirements set by Quebec and those of the Canadian government. Our expertise ensures that applicants navigate these differences with ease.

Regular Skilled Worker Program of Quebec

Understanding these distinctions, we provide targeted support for the Regular Skilled Worker Program of Quebec, which will soon adopt the new name “Quebec Skilled Worker Selection Program.” Tailored for professionals eager to contribute their expertise in Canada, our team skillfully navigates the permanent residence application process, aligning with both Quebec and Canadian government criteria.

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

In addition to our specialized support for the Regular Skilled Worker Program of Quebec, we also expertly guide applicants through the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ). The PEQ offers a direct path to permanent residence for international students and temporary workers in Quebec. Vitae Recruitment accompanies you through the PEQ’s intricate process, providing tailored assistance for your application. We ensure you meet all the requirements and that your application is complete, boosting your chances for a smooth transition to permanent residence.

Our team makes navigating the PEQ journey easier, leveraging your experience in Quebec to maximize your chances of obtaining the Quebec Selection Certificate and ensuring a peaceful long-term settlement.

Immigration Sponsorship for Permanent Residence in Canada

Immigration sponsorship is a fundamental aspect of Canadian immigration policy, designed to reunite families across Canada. If you’re a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen looking to sponsor a family member, Vitae Recruitment is your go-to partner.

We guide you in preparing your family sponsorship application, making sure that all the necessary documents comply with the stringent requirements of Canadian immigration authorities. Plus, we handle the entire submission process on your behalf.

Our expertise in immigration sponsorship offers you complete peace of mind. Your application is in the hands of devoted professionals, ensuring a smooth and successful process for bringing your family members to Canada.

Permanent Residence Card Renewal in Canada

Your Permanent Resident (PR) Card is the key to maintaining your status in Canada. At Vitae Recruitment, we guide you through the PR card renewal process to ensure the continuity of your residency in Canada.

We simplify your PR card renewal, ensuring that your application is compliant and up-to-date to avoid any delays or complications. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your ability to live and work in Canada remains secure. 

The Benefits of Working with Vitae Recruitment

Navigating Permanent Residence in Canada: Your Expert Guide

Our immigration consultants are pillars of support throughout your journey to achieve permanent residence in Canada. They are there to clarify your doubts and simplify administrative procedures, offering continuous and personalized guidance. Our experts lead you with precise and reliable advice in your quest to obtain permanent residence in Canada, ensuring thorough and individualized support throughout the process.

Our team makes your path to permanent residence in Canada smoother. You can focus on your life’s plans with confidence and peace of mind.

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