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At Vitae International Recruitment, we specialize in global hiring, a crucial expertise in the age of globalization. Facing the increasing complexity of the job market, we have developed a proven methodology to identify, evaluate, and integrate talents from various regions of the world, including Tunisia, Mauritius, Morocco, Mexico, and Colombia. Our approach focuses on understanding the specific needs of each company, allowing us to offer tailor-made solutions. Whether you’re looking to hire a foreign worker or diversify your team with international skills, we are here to simplify this process. Our comprehensive service covers everything from the initial selection of the candidate to their successful integration in Canada. With Vitae Recruitment, international recruitment has never been simpler and more efficient. Interested? Contact us for a customized solution!

Why Choose Vitae International Recruitment?

Our commitment extends far beyond mere hiring. By choosing to collaborate with us for global hiring, businesses benefit from complete support throughout the immigration process. Moreover, we ensure thorough follow-up of recruited workers for up to three months after their arrival. This approach ensures successful integration and meets businesses’ expectations in foreign worker recruitment. Choosing Vitae Recruitment for your international recruitment needs in Canada means opting for recognized expertise and a trusted partnership.

Our Expertise in International Recruitment in Canada

Specializing in global hiring in Canada, we put our expertise at the service of businesses in manufacturing, services, tourism, and much more. With our experience, we have developed a unique approach to meet the specific needs of each sector. Whether you are an SME looking to hire a foreign worker or a large company with large-scale foreign worker recruitment needs, Vitae Recruitment is your trusted partner. Thanks to our strong network established in countries like Tunisia, Mauritius, Morocco, Mexico, and Colombia, we can offer you qualified candidates who will integrate perfectly into your company and Canadian culture. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that each company finds the talent it seeks, while ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment experience.

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Global Hiring: Our Personalized Approach

At Vitae Recruitment, each company is unique, and with this in mind, we have developed our international recruitment process in Canada. We delve into your needs to understand the specifics of your industry and company culture. Our expertise in foreign worker recruitment allows us to precisely target candidates who will align not only with the job’s requirements but also with your company’s values. Collaborating with Vitae Recruitment, you benefit from a tailored approach, ensuring optimal results and harmonious integration of international talents into your team in Canada.

Worry-Free Package: Complete Support

The “Worry-Free” package from Vitae Recruitment is designed to offer businesses a comprehensive solution for international recruitment in Canada. By choosing this package, you benefit from complete management: from meticulous candidate search in strategic countries like Tunisia and Mauritius, to handling immigration procedures, to personalized support for the integration of the foreign worker into your organization. We understand the challenges of the current job market and, with our expertise in foreign worker recruitment, position ourselves as your ally in overcoming these hurdles. Our commitment doesn’t stop at hiring; we provide ongoing support to ensure perfect harmony between the new employee and your company culture. With Vitae Recruitment and the “Worry-Free” package, turn your recruitment challenges into opportunities.

Customize Your Package According to Your Needs

Aware of the diversity of needs in global hiring in Canada, Vitae Recruitment is committed to offering unprecedented flexibility for those looking to hire a foreign worker. We allow you to shape your package so that it accurately reflects your expectations and goals. With our approach focused on listening and customization, ensure an international recruitment solution that perfectly aligns with your company’s vision and ambitions.

A tip to consider: by taking charge of certain stages, such as Phase 2 of integration, you can achieve significant savings. Indeed, this initiative could enable you to obtain a reduction of up to $2,000 on the total cost of your package.

With Vitae Recruitment, benefit from a recruitment solution that truly aligns with your needs while optimizing your budget.

À La Carte Recruitment

At Vitae Recruitment, we also offer an à la carte recruitment service, allowing you to choose specifically the services that best meet your needs and budget. Whether you need assistance with a specific stage of the process or desire a more comprehensive approach, our flexibility ensures a tailored solution. Partnering with a renowned global hiring company like Vitae Recruitment, you benefit from proven expertise and a personalized approach, ensuring successful integration of foreign workers into your team.

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