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International Recruitment

Question: What services do you offer to companies?

We offer a complete range of services designed to help Canadian companies achieve their skilled labor objectives. Specifically, we manage the entire recruitment, immigration, support and integration process for foreign workers. In addition, we offer an outsourcing service that enables companies to hire qualified foreign workers on a delocalized basis.

We put our expertise to work for companies in the manufacturing, service, tourism and other sectors.

We find rare pearls for all hierarchical levels and all job types.

Our selection process is based on three fundamental criteria: candidates’ skills, their interpersonal skills, and their plans to immigrate to Canada.


Our international recruitment process is based on an in-depth analysis of our clients’ specific needs, followed by a rigorous evaluation of candidates’ skills and qualifications. Each recruitment project is conducted with the unique requirements of each company in mind.

Depending on employers’ needs, specialized candidates are tested for theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We also offer personality tests to better identify candidates’ behavioral traits and aptitudes.

What’s more, we meet each candidate individually for an in-depth interview. This stage enables us to analyze their profile in detail, including an assessment of their background and other details important in the immigration context.



Generally speaking, as soon as we post the job it takes about 2 months to meet the first candidates.

The length of time varies according to several criteria: the immigration policies of the country of origin, the position offered, the selection criteria, the candidate’s profile, etc.

From our offices in Tunis, our international recruitment agency recruits foreign workers to meet the needs of Canadian companies looking for workers. Our countries of recruitment include Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mexico and Colombia

 Our team is made up of experts who keep abreast of the latest legislation. We work closely with specialized legal consultants to ensure that our recruitment practices are compliant. Our rigorous processes, from drafting offers to managing immigration documents, ensure compliance with legal standards at every stage of the recruitment process.

We recruit all year round, on different continents. Vitae doesn’t operate on a mission-by-mission basis, which means we can be very flexible for our customers.

The cost of recruiting an international candidate is based on a lump sum, which varies according to the number of candidates to be recruited and the type of position.

To meet the diversity of international recruitment needs in Canada, we are committed to offering unprecedented flexibility. We offer several packages, such as a worry-free package offering complete support, and an à la carte package allowing you to customize your needs.

These packages include fees for recruitment work, as well as preparation of immigration procedures for work permits and visas. We guarantee that the candidate will never have to pay any additional fees for recruitment or for his or her personal immigration application.



Absolutely! Our representatives will be able to direct you to the positions you need to fill.

Our retention rate is 97%.


Times vary depending on a number of factors, typically ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 months.

We will suggest another candidate at no additional cost. If the immigration process has already been initiated, we will submit a new application for which only government fees and expenses will be charged to the employer.

If you have carried out your own recruitment and hired us for immigration services, we will evaluate the work carried out and invoice you accordingly. We are not liable for candidates recruited by a third party.



 We play a central role in the integration of immigrant workers in Canada, especially temporary foreign workers (TFW).

Our main objective is to facilitate a smooth transition for TFWs, preparing them to integrate harmoniously into Canadiansociety.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Preparation for cultural and professional integration, for both candidates and employers;
  • Tailor-made training for foreign workers to help them understand and appreciate the cultural subtleties of Canada;
  • Assistance in finding and settling into housing close to their place of work;
  • Welcome and support for administrative procedures such as registering for public and private services, opening a bank account, obtaining a health insurance card, etc.

Thanks to these services, your new team members will feel welcome in Canada, which will increase their chances of integrating harmoniously into society.




All our candidates attend cultural and professional integration training before arriving in Canada, so that they fully understand and appreciate the richness and subtleties of the province’s cultural differences.

What’s more, our integration process is not limited to initial training; we provide regular follow-up and personalized support for each foreign worker, for up to three months following their hiring. Our mission is to ensure that they adapt harmoniously to their new environment, to make them feel valued and to help them contribute fully to the success of the company that welcomes them.

Candidates’ English or French proficiency may vary depending on their country of origin. We evaluate the level of language according to the specific needs of the employer and taking into account the criteria established by the government for applications for permanent residence.

Should the employer require candidates specific language skills, this requirement will be included in the selection criteria and evaluated accordingly.


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