Resume Database: Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada

Vitae Recruitment, a premier international recruitment agency based in Canada, specializes in hiring foreign workers for Canadian businesses. Our mission is to assist companies in their growth by facilitating the professional integration of foreign workers into the Canadian workforce.


Employers: Find Your Ideal Candidate

Canadian employers in search of international talent will find exactly what they need with Vitae Recruitment. Our services include:

  • Streamlined Candidate Search: Leverage our platform to find candidates who meet your specific needs. Our approach is fine-tuned for hiring international employees, making it easier for you to identify and select top global talent for your operations in Canada.
  • Comprehensive Assistance: Take advantage of our expertise in integrating and supporting your future employees. We’ll help you navigate the intricacies of hiring international employees, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for both your company and your new team members.


Businesses in search of international talent will find their perfect solution with Vitae Recruitment. We excel in the art of international recruitment, connecting you with a diverse and qualified talent pool, ideal for demanding and varied roles. Our platform streamlines the candidate search process, enabling you to quickly identify profiles that suit your specific needs.

At Vitae Recruitment, we understand the importance of hiring international employees to energize your business and enrich your team with new perspectives. We support you at every step, from selecting candidates to their successful integration into your work environment, specializing in hiring foreign workers in Canada.

Foreign Workers: Launch Your Career with Vitae Recruitment

If you are a foreign worker looking to advance your career in Canada, Vitae Recruitment is your partner. Here’s how to submit your resume:

  • Format and Information: Ensure your resume is clear, professional, and includes all relevant information (experience, education, skills).
  • Resume Submission Form: Fill out our online form to submit your personal and professional information.


Applying with Vitae boosts your chances of transitioning into the Canadian job market while ensuring a smooth and efficient process

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Services Offered by Vitae Recruitment

Vitae Recruitment provides a range of services dedicated to hiring and integrating foreign workers in Canada:

International Recruitment Service : 

We assist businesses in hiring internationally, finding qualified talents suited to their specific needs.

Support for Temporary and Permanent Residency :

Our team offers comprehensive assistance for temporary and permanent residency processes.

Assistance with Visa and Citizenship Applications : 

We simplify the visa procedures and citizenship processes for foreign workers.

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